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Proper Bay Window installation

Proper Installation of Bay Windows 


While window replacement is often done to save energy costs and protect the interior of the home, new windows can also accentuate the aesthetic of the exterior of the home as well. There are many different types of windows, however. Homeowners considering a rounder or more angular look to their home may be considering bow and bay window installation. These types of windows help create a unique look to your home that can actually add to its perceived resale value. Bay windows are often confused with bow windows. What’s the difference?


Bow Windows vs. Bay Windows


Bow Windows

Bow windows are generally composed of a minimum of 4 panels that help shape the window into a round look. Together, the panels form an arch. Bow windows can use up to 8 panels to extend your home, creating a very useable ledge that can be used to display all sorts of things inside of the home.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are typically composed of 3 windows, a central window and two side windows. The central window is a large fixed (stationary) panel that is parallel to the existing wall, while the side windows are set at an angle. The resulting effect is similar to that of bow windows; however, it has a more angular look as it protrudes from the home. The side windows are often casements or double-hung styles. On the interior, this again creates a deep sill that can be used to display plants or photos. Below are a few more reasons to add bay windows to your home.



Why Choose Bay Windows?


Add Value To Your Home

Bay windows give your home a clean, modern look from the outside. On the interior, this style of window provides a feeling of elegance and additional space. Often chosen for its aesthetic appeal, bay windows help to increase resale value and the square footage of your home.


Allow Natural Light Into Your Home

Bay windows give your home a panoramic view of the outside. Whether you’re looking out onto a stunning view or simply your backyard, bay windows bring in more natural light to your home. With three windows side-by-side, you will be able to allow light in from all multiple directions.


Improve Ventilation

We often choose to open the windows during the summer months to let in some fresh air. With multiple operating panels, homeowners have the ability to increase the ventilation in their homes and enjoy the cool summer breeze.



Bay windows can be found in any room. They can be found nearly anywhere in Victorian homes, but have also become a popular alternative for enhancing modern homes with their angular look. Used to accentuate both the interior and exterior of the home, bay windows are commonly found in kitchens, living rooms and master bedrooms.


For homeowners looking to add to the appeal and value of their homes, bay windows are a very popular alternative that can be found in nearly any room. Bay window installation can be a difficult process, so you’ll want to have it done professionally. These windows need to be properly supported and sealed to ensure that your home functions at maximum efficiency. Trust Windows will provide a one-stop-shop solution to your bay/bow window needs. 

Roof Bay Window Installation Markham

Roof Bay Window Installation Markham 
Here are some examples of a bay window installation done properly. 
The team at Trust Windows Corp. had this bay window installed with a roof in the Markham area.
If you are looking to upgrade the look of the exterior of your home, think about having bay windows installed! 
Contact the window installation experts at Trust Window Corp for more information about the services provided! 
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